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What If You Got Paid in Cryptocurrency For Everything You Post?

On our site we give award achievement badges for community engagement. The badges are displayed in a users’ profiles and a corresponding activity post is published on the activity stream. Users who earn a badge will also receive a notification.

These badges lead to payments being sent you in a crypto currency. To avoid abuse, there will be daily and monthly limitations. Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous individuals who set up BOTS (automated systems) that would ruin this for every member here and we must therefore protect you.

Your activity is measured and divided into groups.

Activity Stream:

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We have partnered with THE UNICORN NETWORK and we will be making payments in their cryptocurrency, the TWINKLE coin. The current trading price and the ability to buy / sell is all available on a public exchange at

Full details about the currency can be found at

A maximum payment amount of 1000 TWINKLES per month.

The TWINKLE coin is still fairly new to the world and as such, we believe it will keep increasing in value. Payments will be made in TWINKLE coins (or parts thereof) and it is entirely your decision whether to keep or sell them.